Ways to increase potency at home

The man was facing erectile dysfunction

At a certain age, men face a problem like erectile dysfunction. In this state, men cannot live fully. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity are still faced with their problem, others seek the help of experts, but there is a simpler solution to such a delicate problem - the potency can return on its own. How to increase potency at home?

Over the years, men experience a malfunction in the genitals, this is due to hormonal imbalance, sedentary lifestyle, frequent stress and depression, doping, smoking, alcohol dependence and many other negative effects.

Increasing potency at home

To increase potency, men need to follow some tips.

Regular intimate life is the key to good potency in men

Regularity of full relationships

The reproductive system of the male body depends on the training of the genital organs. Sex improves men's health. Regular sex life improves the quality of semen, increases sperm production. Sexual contact prevents impotence. Medicine has proven the fact that regular sex reduces the risk of developing cancer.

Preventive measures of the disease

Unprotected contact leads to the appearance of sexually transmitted diseases. Infectious flora is detected by appropriate tests. It is not always possible to force the male gender to be tested for sexually transmitted infections. Any discomfort and anxiety from the genital area should be diagnosed by a specialist. Sexually transmitted infections affect not only the reproductive system but also the body as a whole.

Healthy diet

Nuts with honey - a healthy food that can increase male potency

Strong power depends on proper nutrition. A balanced diet can significantly increase potency and sexual desire. Men's diet should contain foods that contain phosphorus, which is an important element for the health of the male body.

There are foods that increase the production of male hormones. Products containing zinc and vitamin E are useful for potency. Zinc is necessary for testosterone synthesis. If this element is in insufficient quantity, then there is poor ejaculate quality, poor erection. With vitamin E deficiency, there is a negative change at the cellular level of the genitalia.

With a proper diet, you can achieve a rapid increase in erections, restoration of hormonal balance. You can increase your erection with spices, protein foods, nuts, fruits and vegetables, honey.

Prohibition of alcohol

Alcohol dependence diminishes potency. Sometimes even a glass of wine can be a problem in sexual intercourse. Patients suffering from prostatitis should generally refuse to take even a small amount of alcohol.

Fighting overweight

Excess weight negatively affects the health of men. To get rid of extra pounds, you just need to start the day with morning exercises.

Healthy sleep

Full rest supports male potency. Men's health supports healthy sleep and rest.

Prostate stimulation and therapeutic exercises for potency

How to easily increase potency at home? Men’s health can be supported by gland exercise and massage.

  1. If you adhere to Chinese techniques, then you can increase the potency by acting on special points that need to be massaged with pressure movements. Location of points: hands, feet, back. The manuals use acupuncture in these areas, then the impact is more active.
  2. Erotic massage is used to increase the sexual activity of men. The man should be completely relaxed.
  3. Strengthening potency at home is due to stimulation of glandular organs. Direct action on the male organ through the anal canal contributes not only to the restoration of male strength, but also serves as an excellent prophylaxis to prevent prostatitis. Massage sessions can be performed by a partner, but only after consultation and acquaintance with the technique of the procedure by a urologist.
  4. Exercise can also increase potency. Therapeutic sessions improve microcirculation, cope with excess weight, men become more active and optimistic.
  5. Increasing potency largely depends on food consumption. Men should eat foods that strengthen erections with potency. For men, carrots stewed in milk, honey products, walnuts, legumes, chocolate, garlic dishes are useful.

Water treatment

The water treatment is conditioned by a daily contrast shower before going to bed. The procedures restore potency, help strengthen the whole body. To do this, the man first pours hot water for one minute and then cold. The temperature difference should change gradually.

An ice pack is an effective remedy for increasing potency. To do this, ice is wrapped in a cloth and applied to various areas on the human body (head, heart, scrotum).

Strengthening potency in folk ways

You can deal with problematic potency by folk methods. There are many recipes that will strengthen and quickly restore the functionality of the erection. Many facilities are available in each home.

Consuming walnuts will help eliminate potency problems
  • Composition of honey and walnuts. When using the medicine, for its best effectiveness, doctors recommend that you drink it with milk. The composition is prepared from chopped walnuts mixed with honey. This way it needs to be treated within 30 days.
  • Some patients make homemade cocktails from natural ingredients. For example, an elixir of honey and carrots. This folk remedy for increasing male strength was used by our ancestors. To do this, carrot juice is mixed with honey, the composition is taken three times a day, 50 ml.
  • Another effective remedy for increasing a man's combat readiness is a tincture of garlic, which is consumed 25 drops a day.
  • Cabbage juice helps with weakened erections. It is necessary to drink it daily in small portions.
  • Another effective potency-boosting drug is pneumonia. The plant is added to salads and other dishes. Some men prefer to take an infusion of medicinal lung. Dry raw materials are filled with boiled water.
  • It is useful for men to use asparagus juice, decoction of maple twigs, nuts (pine nuts), pumpkin seeds. With increasing potency, regular health should not be forgotten. Even after a course of treatment, healthy food should not be excluded from the diet.

Erectile dysfunction is treated by other means, it is necessary to constantly increase the potency of folk remedies, because natural ingredients do not act quickly. There are many modern and safe medications that are designed to correct erectile dysfunction.

Such medications should be prescribed by a specialized specialist after a thorough examination, because the reason for male impotence is not always related to changes related to age or lifestyle. Some patients face such a problem due to the existing pathological process in the genitourinary system, in this case treatment begins with the removal of the primary problem, and folk remedies are used as an adjunct to the main treatment.

Ginger rhizome as a treatment for impotence

Among the products that improve sexual activity, patients give a special advantage to the ginger rhizome. This spice is added to teas and dishes. Ginger rhizome is processed into powder or consumed fresh. The product not only stimulates the reproductive system, but also improves metabolic processes, improves blood microcirculation.

Ginger root is the best natural stimulant of male potency
  1. By adding ginger root to the pastry the dish becomes fragrant; to remove the bitterness of the spices, you can use a dried powder product.
  2. If you marinate meat or chicken with ginger, the dishes get an interesting taste. For this, a marinade is prepared from soy sauce, ginger rhizome, garlic and spices.
  3. The spice is also used in the preparation of fish or seafood.
  4. A hot drink with ginger is especially popular. Ginger tea is used for respiratory diseases, viral infections, prostatitis. Instead of sugar, ginger tea is added to honey, working together, these products improve the condition of the body, heal it, remove inflammation, give tone, strengthen immunity and destroy infections. Ginger is considered the best stimulant of male activity, sexually.

Additional recipes for improving erections

Traditional medicine is just as effective as traditional methods of treating impotence. Folk methods are used by a large number of the population, which confirms the high efficiency of natural remedies.

Pumpkin seeds that a man uses daily will strengthen potency

Folk recipes for the preparation of drugs that strengthen potency:

  • Honey, carrot juice, ginger, walnuts are mixed in one composition. The tool is used daily.
  • Beetroot salad with onions, asparagus.
  • Daily consumption of pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach (35 grains).
  • Eleutherococcus extract is an excellent natural pathogen.

The main rule for avoiding impotence is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.