Natural increase in potency without pills

a woman with a man who naturally increased potency

Nowadays, a huge number of diseases are encountered on the path of men. But the worst is if a person hears the word - impotence. What could be scary?

The worst is when a man suddenly begins to feel lonely and inferior. Only then does a person set a goal for himself - to increase potency, go to the doctor for treatment and take serious care of his health.

The main question of a man is the thought of what enhances potency. This confuses the already frustrated patient.

But, as they say, there are no hopeless situations. It must be remembered that many men face this problem. It is imperative to look for the right treatments and remember that recovery is entirely in the hands of the man himself.

Determining the cause of the disease

Taking the first step towards recovery is sometimes very difficult. It is necessary to contact an expert to determine the causes of potency problems and ways to solve them. The reasons for the appearance of potency are divided into three groups:

  1. Causes of a physical nature arise, as a rule, due to endocrine diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system and neurological problems.
  2. Problems of a psychological nature that are related to a man's self-confidence in personal sexual abilities. It depends on the relationship between the partners.
  3. Negative effect of tablets on the genitourinary system. The use of different pills can worsen sperm production problems and reduce libido.

Only the attending physician can correctly discover the cause of the problem, who knows all the chronic and acute diseases.

Upon learning of the problem, we begin treatment

It is easier than ever to take a regular pill than to start proper treatment. But pills are made up of chemicals and sometimes contain a foreign organism that affects not only the diseased organ, but also negatively affects almost all organs through the bloodstream and has its side effects.

The main thing in treatment is not injury and keep in mind that treatment is addictive and only exacerbates the problem. In order to start treatment properly, you must first change your lifestyle.

The idyll of sex life

The ideal relationship should be built on trust, love and understanding. Short-term meetings and casual relationships should be avoided. An idyll in a relationship is a guarantee of successful sex. Following a proper lifestyle improves potency in 80% of patients.

Get rid of negative factors

Alcohol negatively affects liver health. And the liver is directly related to the sexual function of men. As a result, the production of sex hormones is reduced. After drinking alcohol, sexual activity decreases, and the ejaculation process is disturbed.

Nicotine negatively affects the circulation in the blood vessels of the penis and violates impotence.

Drug use develops irreversible polyneuropathy. With such a disease, the supply of nerve impulses is destroyed and the function of the penis disappears.

Restraint in food

Diet has a great impact on the sexual function of men. Above all, food should be healthy:

  1. contain vitamins A, E, C, improve blood circulation, stimulate the proper functioning of the gonads;
  2. the presence of proteins and carbohydrates that are easily assimilated by the body;
  3. contain calcium, magnesium, zinc.

Men's health products

Eat fish and meat products that contain beneficial vitamins and proteins for cells, which have a beneficial effect on metabolism in the body. Add various spices to dishes, such as coriander, black pepper. Add aphrodisiac food to your diet. Don't forget about healthy sweets - honey, dried fruits and nuts.

Garnish for dishes will serve as salads of spinach, parsley, lettuce. Parsnip and celery are useful.

After a hard day at work, herbal decoctions will help to tone the body.

Fresh air and exercise

Walking in the fresh air and regular exercise are key to increasing potency. When walking in the fresh air the body is saturated with oxygen, blood circulation in the body improves. Walking with another significant person improves relationships.

Exercises for men's health

  1. Stand in a place with high knees.
  2. We stand still. Hands on belt. We bend the knees, while tensing and relaxing the gluteal muscles.
  3. A quick run in place, without lifting the socks off the floor, only the heels are involved.
  4. Lying position. The hands are next to the body, a "bridge" is performed.

After performing these exercises correctly, the microcirculation of blood in the genitals and erections improves.

Let’s get rid of stress and unnecessary stress

The body needs proper rest and sleep. Therefore, you need to protect yourself from unnecessary physical, mental and emotional stress.

Learn to take care of your health and you will forget about potency problems forever.